Contact Lenses

Thinking about trying contact lenses?

Contact lenses are more versatile than ever before and here at Parker Optometrists we pride ourselves on providing the most innovative lenses along with professional, high quality aftercare.

In the past the choice of contact lenses was limited to either hard or soft and only selected prescriptions or patients were suitable for them. The introduction of new materials and designs has now opened up contact lens wear to the vast majority of people.

From corrections for astigmatism to near and distance vision or daily disposable to extended wear lenses, we can advise on your suitability for all types of lenses. Even varifocal lenses are now available which can correct distance and near vision simultaneously.

We will provide you with a comprehensive eye examination followed by a specific contact lens consultation and trial with the most suitable lenses.

So if you are thinking about contact lenses book in for a consultation and you may be surprised at what is possible!